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So, you’ve built yourself another job, huh?

You didn’t start a real estate
business so IT could own YOU,
and yet you…

  • Spend inordinate amounts of time on mundane tasks
  • Lack consistent and powerfully proven marketing
  • Don’t have systems in place to follow up with your leads
  • Piecemeal your technology without great results
  • Feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and overworked in your business and covet a life of your choosing

Listen. It's time to do things

When you automate the mundane and focus on income generating activities, money materializes, and time for family, friends, and fun appears.

Not only is it possible, it’s accessible, and it’s here for you now.

It’s time to turn the tables, make more money, and have more freedom in your business.

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Call today at 888-840-8389 to get set up with
your new website.

The All-In-One Marketing and Business Software
Solution for Real Estate Investors

Dream Solutions Pro provides everything you need to successfully run your Real Estate Investment business - Contact
management, CRM, Sales funnel, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Websites, Deal Analysis, and Community –
Simplifying and automating the mundane so you can focus on what matters.

Technology Simplified

Technology Simplified

Gain instant credibility with your own professional done-for-you websites. Expertly written and designed, your sites give you a competitive edge, save you thousands on a custom built site, and spare you from technology-induced headaches. Safe for all technophobes.

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  • Professionally Designed

    With 3 site templates available, you can easily target – buyers, sellers, and private money. Each site is pre-written and optimized to attract search engines and prospects alike.

  • Integrates with your CRM

    Leads captured on your website are automatically imported into the Dream Solutions Pro Client Genie, a robust CRM. Follow-up is automated depending on the type of lead you’ve acquired with no additional work from you.

  • Easy to Customize

    Our step-by-step page builder makes customizing your site simple, and you’ll never see a snippet of code. The plug and play process mean’s you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Get Organized

Get Organized –

Stay on top of your contacts, tasks, calendar, and deals. Never lose a lead again with a fully integrated CRM that puts your follow-up on autopilot.

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  • Manage Your Business

    See contact information, lead sources, referrals, conversations and more in one place. Segment your list based on interests and actions.

  • Manage Your Deals

    Organize your deals with a customized by you deal tracker. Knowing what stage each deal is at allows you to schedule future tasks and follow-ups.

  • Manage Your Day

    Create custom to-dos and calendar events. My Client Genie will remind you, or better yet your assistant, on the right day what needs doing, and will continue to do so until it’s been done.

Automate Your Marketing

Automate Your Marketing

Attract qualified leads while you’re out closing deals. Dream Solutions Pro captures your prospects’ information and automates your follow-up – saving you time, making you money, and conserving your resources.

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  • Single Property Websites

    With a few clicks you’ll not only have a single property website, but you’ll also populate your listing to more than 35 of the most popular real estate marketing websites.

  • 1-Click Property Flyers

    Create elegant, professionally designed property flyer pdfs in under 30 seconds, saving you time and money.

  • Lead Generation & Follow-up

    Easily create and draw in prospects through lead magnets and landing pages. Customize the wording, data fields, and content, and Dream Solutions Pro will automatically send email campaigns based on the type of lead.

Easy Profit Analysis

Easy Profit Analysis

Simple to use but complex in calculations, the Profit Analyzer intelligently explains your profit and loss projections across multiple scenarios.

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  • Calculate Profit

    Assess the potential profit on a property by running repair costs, ARV, fees, and purchase price through the deal analyzer. Run best and worst case scenarios.

  • Compare Exit Strategies

    Choose the most profitable exit strategy and find the best financing.

  • Run Reports

    Print full financial reports to show to potential investors, buyers, and partners.

Powerful Community

Powerful Community

Your net worth is directly proportional to your network. Our robust community is the nation’s largest growing private network of active real estate investors.

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  • Network

    Engage with other active investors nationwide. Collaborate on deals, ask questions, and get seasoned advice.

  • Document Library

    Robust library of real estate transaction legal documents, and community submitted questions and answers. Whatever you need, it’s most likely here.

  • Support

    You’re hiring a team of professionals, NOT subscribing to a software. We care about your concerns and our in house team is always available to respond to your requests.

It’s time to step up to the plate
and make some money.

The nations largest real estate educators don't just recommend Dream Solutions Pro,
they provide our platform to students as a key ingredient for their success.

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